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your body, your masterpiece

Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate your body like never before. I believe every individual is a work of art waiting to be revealed, a canvas that tells a story uniquely yours.

Are you tired of generic portraits that don’t capture the essence of who you are? Do you feel that traditional boudoir photos lack some soul? 


I specialize in showcasing the poetry of your curves and the play of light on your body.

As your personal photographer, I don’t just take pictures; I craft visual poetry, turning your body into a living, breathing work of art. It’s about the intimate connection between you and my lens, creating images that reflect your unique story.


Bodyscapes transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The Process

Step into a world where your body becomes the canvas. My process begins with a personalized consultation to understand your vision. Then, through a carefully designed photoshoot, I use lighting techniques to capture your unique shapes and to craft abstract, landscape-like images that are a reflection of your individuality.


You will then receive 5 high resolution artworks, carefully selected and edited. The images can be printed in sizes up to 1.5 meter on the long side. I offer printing and framing consultancy on request.



Ready to craft your Bodyscape and see yourself in a new light? Schedule a personal consultation today, and let’s embark on a journey to reveal the masterpiece in you.

Sessions open for February 2024, Luxembourg City


!! special offer for valentine’s month !!

for singles and lovebirds

Mrs C. shares her experience:


“Julien certainly has a talent for subliming the forms and curves of the body. I saw my body as an artwork. With him I see endless possibilities of revealing beauty through the light and texture of my body.


I discovered a new part of me I didn’t know existed.”

Imagine proudly displaying a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is uniquely you. Bodyscapes transform your physical form into a living, breathing masterpiece that reflects the extraordinary individual you are.

The Photographer

My name is Julien. I aim to create memorable experiences combining space holding and photography. I craft a secure environment in which you can be your most authentic self and love yourself. The photos are the timeless memories of these moments.


I am also a yoga teacher, ecstatic dance facilitator, and psychonaut.

Visit my Instagram @julien.creates to discover my world.

Embrace your unique beauty with Bodyscapes. Schedule your personal consultation and step into a world where your body becomes a true work of art.

Sessions open for February 2024, Luxembourg City


!! special offer for valentine’s month !!

for singles and lovebirds


  • Can I bring a friend with me to the shooting?

    Of course, you are free to come accompanied by a trusted person to make you feel more comfortable and share this beautiful experience with you.

  • Where does the shooting take place?

    In a beautiful and romantic 4-star hotel in the center of Luxembourg City.

  • How long does the shooting last?

    Each shooting takes up to one hour. We take the time to arrive into the space, get comfortable, and then explore different angles and lighting to create unique works of art with your own body.

  • Can we have a chat before the shooting?

    Of course! Upon booking your session, we will schedule a 20-minute Zoom call to meet and answer all your questions so that you feel super safe and comfortable.

  • Do I need to be fully naked during the shooting?

    Full nudity throughout the duration of the shoot is not necessary. Keep in mind that we cannot have any clothes on the parts which are photographed.

    If you do not feel comfortable without clothes, we can work around it by covering the parts which are not being photographed.

    For example, keeping a jumper on when capturing the lower body parts, or covering your body when changing position (similar to when you are going for a massage).

    Don't worry, we always make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature.

  • Which parts of the body are photographed?

    We can create a masterpiece with many parts of the body.

    However, the best art originates from the lower abdomen area, thighs, lower back, and buttocks.

    I have also captured good images  of the ribcage, breast area, and neck.

    Remember that every body is unique and will offer different possibilities.

  • How much does it cost and what's included?

    Regular price is 480€. Special Valentine’s offer is 380€ for the month of February 2024.

    This includes: introductory Zoom call, renting of the beautiful shooting location, photo shooting of around 1 hour, delivery of 5 high resolution images with professional editing in color or monochrome, delivery of images via secure online gallery available for 2 weeks after delivery.

  • When are the next sessions?

    Next sessions in Luxembourg City: 10th & 11th of February and 24th & 25th of February 2024.

    Time slots between 2pm and 9pm. Contact me for details on availability and to secure your spot!